Community Facility Huntly

The Property

Works comprise the renovation, alterations and refurbishment of a Category ‘B’ Listed traditional building in the town centre of Huntly to provide community, cultural and heritage facilities.

The property is a traditional stone and slate two and half storey building formerly housing two commercial shop outlets. Occupied properties are located either side of this existing corner site and house a mixture of domestic and commercial outlets.

The Works

External and internal alterations including essential and desirable fabric repairs.


  • floor layout and access will be re-organised to better technical and specialised design to suit mixed use across the three and two storey parts of the building
  • internal fabric upgraded including structural work to form new openings and support existing structure
  • existing staircases replaced
  • new passenger lift installed
  • new partitions formed
  • full new public and staff sanitary facilities
  • installation of commercial kitchen facilities


  • the introduction of additional openings and rooflights
  • roofs replaced
  • windows overhauled and replaced
  • stonework repairs, pointing, indenting and harling

The Outcome

Ground Floor

A hub facility providing reception foyer / cafe, bookshop retail opportunity   &   double   height   performance area  together  with  all  ancillary accommodation  / back  of  stage requirements

First Floor  

Space  for potential  exhibition / gallery  facilities  along with   a   learning   zone   and   multi-  function space; all augmented by complementary ancillary facilities

Second  Floor

New plant room space and storage facilities


Additional parking space on Deveron Street immediately adjacent to the property and all works associated with providing enhanced incoming / outgoing services to suit the refurbished property and intended uses.

Key Information

Colin Mercer

Construction Director

Colin has been in continuous employment within the UK Building and Construction industry since 1985. An articulated pupil ship with John Laing Construction launched his career that has seen him employed by 5 of the UKs top 50 Contractors. 20 years as a construction planner added to a wealth of multi-sector construction management experience, enables Colin to effectively lead his site teams through the most complex of projects, safely and efficiently. He is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction and developing talent through the UK construction industry.