Thiel Cadaver Facility Extension (CAHID) University of Dundee


In order to support the growing demands of the Tay Biomedical cluster, Dundee University’s Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification’s (CAHID) mortuary requires a further ground level extension to their existing facility at the Medical Sciences Institute on the City Campus.

The existing facility is located at ground floor level to the western end of the MSI building.

Scope of Works

  • An extension to the existing facility to provide additional tanks for the Clinical Innovation Hub/MedTech Research & Development Unit
  • Additional space for storage
  • Additional storage racks adjacent to the embalming room
  • Additional space for processing and storage for use in the medical school, life sciences and the Wilson House facility. Approx. 100sq.m of additional space to accommodate as many additional tanks and storage racks, and a further hydraulic lifter.
  • The site is sloping and current ground level is above floor level for the facility so retaining structures will be required
  • There are a number of below ground services evident (access covers) including a drainage line across the centre of the site.
  • The existing building has a concrete structure clad with brick slips externally. The facility is flat roofed (bituminous felt finish) with air handling plant above. There are also stub columns penetrating the roof for a possible future extension above.
  • Widen opening between new area and existing tank room

Key Information