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Inspiring our Future

Bancon Construction is delighted to welcome Dugbatey Teye on work placement as part of his 3rd Year Construction Management studies with Robert Gordon University.

Congratulating and welcoming Dugbatey to the company, our Managing Director, Gavin Currie spoke of how “vital it is to provide opportunities for young people, not just for our business but the entire construction industry. We want to inspire young people and see them thrive by sharing our skills and experiences. Dugbatey is a talented and enthusiastic young man, we are confident he will enjoy his placement with Bancon and experience some exciting challenges”.

Colin Mercer

Construction Director

Colin has been in continuous employment within the UK Building and Construction industry since 1985. An articulated pupil ship with John Laing Construction launched his career that has seen him employed by 5 of the UKs top 50 Contractors. 20 years as a construction planner added to a wealth of multi-sector construction management experience, enables Colin to effectively lead his site teams through the most complex of projects, safely and efficiently. He is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction and developing talent through the UK construction industry.