Introducing Revolutionary Retrofit Service

Our Retrofit service is an embodiment of our commitment to enhancing living spaces and contributing to a sustainable future. We offer a diverse range of retrofitting services, encompassing internal and external upgrades such as kitchen and bathroom renovations, insulation works, solar panel installations, heating upgrades, and more. Our approach is holistic, integrating energy-efficient solutions into every aspect of our work.

Who We Serve

Our services are tailored for Social Housing Landlords, aiming to elevate the living standards of residents. Our expertise, honed through the successful execution of the Housing Improvement Project (HIP) in Aberdeenshire, ensures that every retrofit project, big or small, is handled with unparalleled professionalism and care.

Why Choose Us for Retrofitting?

We stand out as a leader in retrofit solutions, offering a comprehensive turnkey service. From initial property surveys and design planning to the execution of retrofit works and final assessments, we manage every detail. 

Ready to Transform Your Properties?

Discover more about our comprehensive services in our Retrofit brochure.

Housing Improvement Programme Four Year Framework

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With over 65 years of experience we have a depth of knowledge and expertise to assist with your project

Peter Barron

Pre-construction Manager

Our Pre-Construction Manager, Peter Barron will be happy to discuss your project enquiry.  He oversees all aspects of projects at pre-tender, tender and pre-construction stage to ensure all our clients’ requirements are fully understood.