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Quality Recognition Award

Congratulations to our team at Cloverhill who have been formally recognised for their outstanding performance and commitment in site management and quality workmanship on this project and presented with a Premier Guarantee Quality Recognition Award.

A great accomplishment for our team who have consistently achieved a high average score over a 6-month period, verified and nominated by a panel of judges. The site is scored during surveyor site inspection visits based on the following:

* Standard of site management
* Standard of workmanship (across different construction stages)
* Health and safety
* Site tidiness
* General co-operation

The ‘Standard of Site Management’ and ‘Standard of Workmanship’ categories are heavily weighted, with a greater impact on the average site inspection rating.

Great effort and teamwork from all involved. Well done!

The site will be shortlisted for the Premier Guarantee Annual Excellence Awards – we wish them the best of luck!