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Time Capsule Burial

Time capsule and schools competition

To mark the redevelopment of this major new attraction in Aberdeen, in conjunction with our Client, Bancon Construction ran a time capsule competition with three local primary schools.  The pupils were asked to pick items that reflect life in Aberdeen in 2019.

Technology, smartphones, currency and toys were some of the most popular suggestions, with pupils also penning letters about their lives in the city to be read by children of the future in years to come.

A mobile phone, digital camera, newspaper, plastic straws and an Aberdeen football top were amongst the items buried in the capsule in December 2019.

Bancon Construction’s managing director, Gavin Currie said: “This is a significant and transformative project for Aberdeen Science Centre so it’s entirely fitting that we bury a time capsule to celebrate.

“The capsule has been safely buried within the structure of the building and while we don’t know when it will be discovered, it’s now a special part of the project which wouldn’t have been possible without the support from the local community.”

Colin Mercer

Construction Director

Colin has been in continuous employment within the UK Building and Construction industry since 1985. An articulated pupil ship with John Laing Construction launched his career that has seen him employed by 5 of the UKs top 50 Contractors. 20 years as a construction planner added to a wealth of multi-sector construction management experience, enables Colin to effectively lead his site teams through the most complex of projects, safely and efficiently. He is passionate about achieving customer satisfaction and developing talent through the UK construction industry.